Management & Strategy Consulting

Strategy & Research
  • Business & Strategic Planning

    Business & Strategic Planning

    Developing strategic, compelling and actionable plan that will create value, drive results and sets the direction. The deliverable could be captured in a strategy or business plan, pitch deck, information memorandum or roadmap document. Being an inevitably important process for any organisation, we shall work with you to refine your vision and objectives, value propositions as well as strategies. This may include assessing your external environment, involving benchmarking and competitor analysis, drawing from trends and market prospects analysis. We will assist to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), and against this backdrop, highlight the gaps in your organisation. The scope can be focused at a business unit or scaled to the organisation or group of companies.

  • Market Entry & Feasibility Studies

    Market Entry & Feasibility Studies

    Reviewing the feasibility of an idea, new products or new markets, which leads to the development of strategic options and recommendations for market entry or market expansion. Using an evidence based process, we carry out primary or secondary research (depending on scope) to understand the market landscape of supply and demand, determine market opportunities and challenges, regulatory environment and requirements, incentives and supply chain analysis. The research can be further supported by interviews, focus groups, and questionnaire surveys. We also help companies that intend to expand to South East Asia to compare advantages and suitability of the different locations within the South East Asian market for market entry purposes and provide recommendations. These studies are typically helpful in ascertaining the viability of your project in the selected market place and can be used as a tool to assure lenders and investors.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy

    Developing clear and compelling go-to-market strategy that differentiates your company’s product and services. Utilising market research intelligence, we assist your company to identify competitive marketing strategies that most meet your vision and mission. We assess and define marketing strategy using the 3Cs and 4Ps analysis, aligning with your intended offerings to the market.

  • New Product Development

    New Product Development

    Establishing new product development innovation framework to translate ideas into new products or services. We work with your product development team closely to explore new product ideas and whether they meet the needs of your customers. We provide a sanity evaluation on your new product ideas, assess market acceptance, product rollout and refinement of your product. Our scope may include conducting workshops with your team, market research, supply chain analysis, risk assessment, cost analysis, regulatory compliance and identify the branding niche for your product.

  • Transformation


    Strategising, shaping and delivering transformational change. We draw on our expertise and deep insights into the industry to perform a diagnostic on your company, your competitors and your customer segments and with these insights, to work with you on unlocking opportunities for growth and achieving your next key target milestone. As markets evolve, new technologies are introduced, margins are squeezed and competition intensifies, we help our clients to transform in countering challenges and capitalising on opportunities.

  • Operation Consulting

    Operation Consulting

    We assist your company in enhancing work processes, reducing red tapes, improving cost efficiency, managing risks and closing gaps. We adopt “PARC” analysis by diligently reviewing your operation environment on People, Architecture, Routines and Culture. We support you in turning ideas into operation tools with the objective to improve business outcomes for your company.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    We help you to project manage your initiatives in various areas like corporate finance, request for proposal and evaluation process, transformation, as well as implementation of roadmaps and systems. By engaging us as your extended team, your company would not need to set up a team internally as the project timeline may be short and the same work will not likely be repeated in the near future. Our special project services may include developing standard project processes and tools, establishing and contextualising best practice methodology, tracking project status, reviewing and approving project requests, managing project risks, aligning and coordinating stakeholders, monitoring budget, planning project resources and brainstorming with your team to address challenges.

  • Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

    Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

    We support your company in developing strategic sourcing solutions and assist you in supplier management. Our delivery approach is flexible as we customise our solutions to suit your company’s goals and objectives. Our scope may include support in sourcing of suppliers and materials, data and pricing analysis. In addition, we also conduct supplier business reviews which include monitoring & reporting on suppliers’ profiles, quality, delivery, pricing and other performance attributes.

Corporate Advisory

  • Corporate & Capital Structuring

    Corporate & Capital Structuring

    Improving your corporate and capital structure for more optimal structure, stronger financial base and lower cost of capital. This include assessing your existing corporate structure, legal arrangements amongst stakeholders, financial and capital planning against your company’s overall direction and strategy moving forward.

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments & Fund Raising

    Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments & Fund Raising

    Supporting in mergers, acquisitions and divestments, both locally and internationally. We have dealt with various cross-border opportunities and we understand the risks, challenges and diverse cultural expectation surrounding these transactions. We offer end-to end and integrated transaction support, from strategizing based on your strategic priorities; preparing marketing documentation; identifying and screening for potential targets; facilitating due diligence process; negotiations; deal structuring; to signing of the definitive agreement(s).

  • Strategic & Business Partnership

    Strategic & Business Partnership

    Improving your shareholder value through business matching and strategic partnering, whether to expand in market footprint, enter new markets or gain access to distribution network. We help to identify best possible partners and alliances that can bring synergies and new access to your business, new delivery channels and distributions.

Evaluation & Corporate Advisory
  • Investment Due Diligence & Review

    Investment Due Diligence & Review

    Performing due diligence, assessing investment opportunity or project feasibility. Too often, investments are rushed into or turned away, without proper analytical review. Affilion understands the discipline required in evaluating an opportunity, and provides an independent analysis into the potential opportunity. Our experience and insights, coming from an investment, financial and strategy background, allow us to effectively support investors, private equity and venture capital firms, and lenders, as we understand the requirements. Taking an “Outside-Impact” approach, we evaluate the target’s potential, track record, and identify potential risks and areas of concern. We combine our experience, with fieldwork interviews and market research.

  • Privatisation & Public-Private Partnership

    Privatisation & Public-Private Partnership

    Deriving best outcome for private sector involvement in projects or in partnership with the public sector. We work closely with you in developing win-win value propositions, outlining the concept and business case. We have been on both sides of the negotiations table, and we understand the issues surrounding the process. We help bridge expectations during negotiations, towards a deal closure.

  • Valuation Consulting

    Valuation Consulting

    Offering an indicative value of your business or investment opportunity, whether it is for an acquisition, merger, divestment, funding or buy out transaction. As valuation typically drives transaction outcomes, our insights and experience will provide a sanity check on business and project values. We will identify key drivers of the business, perform sensitivity analysis and test the robustness of the opportunity based on various valuation methodologies depending on the nature of the project.

Organisation Development Consulting

  • Change Management & Transformation

    Change Management & Transformation

    Designing and implementing change management programmes and workshops to support your company’s transformation or transition objectives. Drawing on our expertise in strategy and organisation development, our suite of skills enable us to assess your company’s readiness, address concerns and impact on your employees, departments, processes as well as external environments. Our scope may include communicating change and transformation objectives, change in culture, transferring of leadership knowledge, fear management and business technical skills.

  • HR, Talent & Organisation Consulting
Learning & Talent Development
  • Creative Thinking Workshop

    Creative Thinking Workshop

    Recognising that, nowadays, successful and leading organisations are led by creative leaders and employees, Creative Thinking is fast becoming an emerging field. It is increasingly regarded as a key contributor and driver to developing an innovative workforce. Modelled after the Design Thinking skill from D. School, Stanford University, our Creative Thinking Workshop seeks to address users’ needs given a specific context using empathy as the basis of creative solutions. The process involves problem definition, field research, generating ideas, story boarding, frequent prototyping and narrative as a mode for engaging participants and motivating action. The objective of our Creative Thinking Workshop is to provide participants with a range of creative thinking techniques to generate ideas and to solve problems at work. Real life work challenges can be built into the workshop, enabling participants to leave with innovative ideas & potential solutions.

  • Entrepreneur Coaching & Executive Training

    Entrepreneur Coaching & Executive Training

    Providing solution-focused business coaching and support to address entrepreneur or organisational dynamics, change and talent development goals. With our diverse experience and backgrounds, we apply our practical experience and provide training or coaching on business development, finance, marketing, HR as well as sharing of industry and market knowledge. We also assist in planning and organising training boot camp based on your training objective.

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